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Practical Share Valuation, Sixth Edition

Practical Share Valuation, Sixth Edition

written by Nigel Eastaway OBE, Diane Elliott, Sh
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Introduction: Practical Share Valuation, 6th edition guides practitioners to understand and deal with the issues and potential problems involved in valuing shares for unlisted companies, whether for commercial or fiscal reasons.
Category: Business Tax and Company Tax
Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
Publication Date: November 2014
ISBN: 9781780435510
Description: Practical Share Valuation, Sixth Edition helps practitioners to understand and tackle the issues involved in preparing and reviewing a valuation of unquoted shares or intangible assets. Whether the valuation is being undertaken for commercial, fiscal or matrimonial reasons, or as part of the more routine assessments required for tax purposes, this book contains the necessary guidance.

Packed full of practical resources

A rich source of easily accessible information, it supplies hints and tips for navigating the potential minefield of share valuations. Discussion of the various methods of analysis and the influence of the Stock Exchange is complemented by example valuation reports. Advice on using the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines, the standards issued by the International Valuation Standards Council and the RICS Valuation Standards is also provided.

Major cases from 2009 onwards

Drawing on a wealth of case law, the expert authors examine the valuation principles that have emerged from decided cases concerning the valuation of shares, partnership goodwill, land and intellectual property since the previous edition was published. Noteworthy cases include Tower M Cashback LLP v HMRC, Parties of the Vaccine Research Ltd Partnership & Anor v HMRC and Iliffe News & Media Ltd & Ors v RCC.

New content to keep you one step ahead

The sixth edition has been comprehensively updated throughout and offers detailed coverage of:

Legislative changes such as Finance Act 2014 and Companies Act 2006
Revisions to the HMRC Shares and Assets Valuation Manual
The OECD report on the transfer pricing of intangibles
Changes to IFRS and the upcoming move to FRS 102
RICS Valuation Standards VPGA 3, VPGA 4 and VPGA 6

A fresh look for 2014

For the first time, Practical Share Valuation adopts our trademark user-friendly structure with ?signposts? at the beginning of each chapter to summarise key topics and ?focus points? throughout to highlight important issues. ?Pitfalls? are clearly marked in the text, quickly alerting you to areas which may trap the unwary.

Who should buy this book?

Combining decades of the authors? first-hand experience, Practical Share Valuation is an invaluable reference guide for valuation practitioners, tax practitioners, lawyers, accountants and pensions advisers who are involved in any aspect of the valuation process.

Previous edition ISBN: 9781845922320
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